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Your range of products brought to the consumer


Tegels.nl brings the consumer to the Dutch tile industry

Those who are looking for surprising and stylish uses of tiles should look no further than Tegels.nl. This is only logical as ‘tegels’ mean tiles in Dutch. Tegels.nl offers the full product range of more than 2,500 Dutch tile businesses. Consumers are able to fi nd out as much as possible before they even step into their chosen shop. Tegels.nl opens a world of possibilities for the consumer. A world where your entire range of products should not be missed!


Show it all with your banner on Tegels.nl

As a manufacturer you are dependent upon the distribution channels per country. As a result, it is not often possible to show your complete range of products. However, from now on, this can change. With a banner on Tegels.nl every consumer can access your brand, your philosophy and your products. Visitors to Tegels.nl are not chance passers-by. These are people who are specifi cally looking for stylish uses of tiles, and tile specialists to assist them in their search. The average consumer is not always fully aware of the endless number of possibilities. You are able to show all these possibilities by using Tegels.nl.


Brand promotion at outlets

As a search portal for tile businesses, Tegels.nl connects the brands to the sales outlets in the Netherlands. This is certainly a unique approach in the Dutch tile industry. You are given the opportunity to name fi fty sales outlets where your banner will be
placed. In this way not only are you supporting the sales channels but also reaching the consumer using the style and mood that suits your brand and the various products ranges.



The aim of Tegels.nl

With a long history in the tile industry, Tegels.nl aims to promote the splendid possibilities of tiles to the public. Our target is chiefly to increase the market sector with regards to decorative alternatives to wall and fl oor coverings. In this day and age the internet is the perfect playground given that the consumer uses the internet to acquire information. Take a look at www.tegels.nl to see how we do this.


How it works

Join in the possibilities that Tegels.nl can offer you in the Dutch market. For a small fee we create, place and maintain your banner. All you need to do is indicate at which sales outlets on the site your banner will be placed.

The process is very straight forward:

  • Contact Tegels.nl
  • Discuss the possibilities and costs
  • Select sales outlets in the Netherlands
  • Inform us of the chosen outlets (through your agent)
  • Inform us of your current corporate identity (through your agent)
  • Tegels.nl will create a stylish, static banner
  • Upon approval the banner will be placed
  • You can now directly access the result using www.tegels.nl